The Manufacturing Economic Update

Dr. Chad Moutray

Chief Economist - National Association of Manufactures
Director, Center for Manufacturing Research - The Manufacturing Institute

NAM Manufacturing Outlook Survey - 1st QTR 2021

NAM Manufacturing Outlook Survey - 2nd QTR 2021

NAM Manufacturing Outlook Survey - 3rd QTR 2021

After expanding in March at the fastest pace since December 1983, the @ism reported that manufacturing activity eased a bit in April, but with growth continuing to be robust overall. The headline index pulled back from 64.7 in March to 60.7 in April. 


Trade-Weighted U.S. Dollar Index Against Broad Index of Currencies, Goods and Services, 2014–2020

(Currency Units per U.S. Dollar, January 2006=100)

Line chart showing trade weighted dollar against index of currencies. Call out note states: The U.S. dollar has risen 8.5% since February 1, 2018. Overall, the U.S. dollar has risen 24.1% since July 1, 2014. More recently, the U.S. dollar has fallen 7.2% since April 24, 2020.

Source: Federal Reserve Board