Health Care

Industry Summary for Harvard Cluster: Local Health Services

Image depicting 68,894 jobs in 2020 in healthcare, 9% below the national average, a 6.7% change regionally while nationally change will be 10% by 2026. Average earnings per job is $69,968 vs. $72.227 nationally in 2020.

Regional Trends

Job Growth

Line chart showing regional, state, and national trends in healthcare since 2001 through projected 2029.

Gross Regional Product (GRP)

Image showing $4.9 billion in earnings, $545.8 million in property income, $151.3 million in taxes and $5.6 Billion in total GRP in 2019.

Occupations Employed by these Industries

Chart listing occupations employed by the healthcare industry including registered nurses, home health and personal care aids, nursing assistants, receptionists and information clerks and medical assistants.

Industry Gender Breakdown

Circle chart and bar graph of gender in the industry showing 17% males and 83% females.

Industry Age Breakdown

Circle and bar chart showing industry age breakdown from 14 through 65 plus.

Industry Race/Ethnicity Breakdown

Circle and bar chart showing race and ethnicity breakdown.

Industry Requirements

Chart showing industry requirements such as purchases from corporate, subsidiary, regional managing offices, direct property and casualty insurance carriers, temp help services, lessors of residential buildings and dwellings, and direct health and medical insurance carriers.

Top Regional Businesses

Top regional businesses listed in order of size in the new north region, Bellin Hospital, St Agnes Hospital,  St Vincent Hospital, Aurora Baycare Medical Center,  Shopko Stores Operating Co Llc.

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